Dialog-based and Generative AI Agents

Mission & Vision

We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) increases the competitiveness of companies, For this, a new, practical and human-centered approach is needed. is a full-service provider for generative and conversational AI applications. 

We develop AI agents that act as virtual employees and take over different tasks in internal and external communication. 

We accompany them from the first idea to the technical implementation.

André Limmer


"We use generative AI for optimized customer experiences, cost savings, and increased efficiency. Together we identify the most valuable solutions for your business"

What do we do concretely? 

Enclosed is an excerpt of our current developments.


AI Booster for eCommerce

Answers to individual questions solves uncertainties before the purchase.

Our virtual shopping assistant is customizable to help you deliver a high-quality service that drives engagement, conversions, and sales.


AI relieves the personnel department

Applicant questions? Answered immediately. Our virtual HR consultant provides a productive conversation, which improves the recruiting process for both parties and helps find the right person for the position and the company.


AI creates application photos

For, a generative AI model was developed that creates perfect job application photos from simple selfies. We accompanied the service from conception to market launch in record time.

Your advantages

  • Employee relief:resource or cost savings through 24/7 automation.

  • Innovative external presentation of your company on contemporary channels.

  • Increased conversion rate: answers to individual questions solves uncertainties before the purchase.

  • Increased repurchase rate: Satisfied customers become regular customers.

  • 24h top customer support: always there, always helpful.

  • Data security: DSGVO and GDPR compliant, hosting on European servers.

"Get started with our Discovery Workshop and get your first application ideas."


Discovery workshop for companies

Shaping the future: Discover the transformative power of custom AI agents for your business

  • We offer you a workshop to discover the AI world. 

    Together we pave the way for successful AI applications in your company!

    What you can expect:

    1. insight into generative AI trends: Where are we? What opportunities and challenges does AI bring?

    2. How do conversational and generative AI agents work?

    3. capabilities of conversational and generative AI agents.

    4. brainstorming, ideas for your business

    5. conclusion and next steps

Interested in the workshop? Contact us:

What our customers say

Our method

About us

We create interactive experiences that leave no questions unanswered. Engagement, conversions and sales are increased.

AI platform

Our proprietary AI platform guarantees that your data is hosted securely and DSGVO compliant on German servers.

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