The perfect application photo

Why the application photo is crucial.

The application photo is the first thing a potential employer sees and can drastically increase your chances of getting a job or make them disappear into thin air.

In just a few seconds, the recruiter makes the decision to continue looking at an application or to put it away.

The picture says more than 1000 words and you have only one opportunity for the first impression.

A professional application photo therefore significantly increases the chance of being remembered by a recruiter as an applicant and of being invited for an interview.

The perfect application photo must create a positive impression at first glance and match the profession and industry. For example, a conservative picture is less suitable for a creative position and vice versa.

You can do a lot wrong.

By dressing appropriately, having a serious attitude and positive charisma, you can show that you are the right candidate. A friendly smile on the picture makes a big difference.

But let's face it, going to the photo studio is time consuming, expensive and not all of us are naturally photogenic.

Especially considering you're applying for multiple jobs, the challenge of finding the perfect photo for each is enormous.

For this reason we have developed

With the help of artificial intelligence , we create professional application photos from your selfies - easily from home and on the same day.

How does it work?
Your own photo-realistic avatar is created from your selfie templates using AI. With the help of this identical avatar, perfect application photos can be created. 

The quality is outstanding and better than regular shots from the photo studio.

Our AI is trained to show your best side and make you look authentic and likeable

We produce 10 pictures in various styles and outfits. So you can apply to different companies and always have the perfect photo ready.

Upload a few selfies of yourself. Even blurred or cropped photos are enough as a basis for our AI to generate professional pictures. The matching clothes are automatically created by our AI, you don't have to wear a special outfit on the selfies.

Real customer example

Improve your chances against competitors

Candidates who apply with our pictures receive on average 40% more invitations to interviews than with "normal" application photos.

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Increase your chance to get your dream job and start now with!

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